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Trend Atelier
Passion for design and sustainable products
About Trend Atelier
We are a very young family business from near Mannheim.
We have a lot of passion for design, sustainability and high quality products

I am Melanie and mom of one daughter.

Since the topic of sustainability plays a big role for me, I founded the brand Trend Atelier and since fall 2021 my first sustainable children’s products are on the market.

However, much more. I also support with my brand Trend Atelier the company PLANT-MY-TREE®, which is committed to climate and environmental protection. Thus, trees are planted, forests are reforested to sustainably preserve and protect our air and climate.

You can find more about sustainability

Melanie und Alicia neu
We bear responsibility.
Personalized certificate for your child

When you buy a product from us, you automatically support PLANT-MY-TREE®. Because we donate a portion of our sales to PLANT-MY-TREE®.

As a company, PLANT-MY-TREE® carries out reforestation, which includes projects for initial reforestation, forest conversion and forest protection on mainly own areas in Germany.

We will be happy to send you a cute personalized certificate in PDF format for your child. Because by buying our articles a small contribution is made to the fact that again more trees are planted. Simply contact us with the subject “Certificate” the name of the child and which product has been purchased and we will send you the certificate by mail.

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